Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My third video is up

I am really worried now that I have done something wrong. There are two other videos that have all the names and such of the products used covered up. I would like to ask someone more about the rules, but I don't see an email address for further information.

There is a phone number and such for the credit union itself, but I would think that was just for banking information. The idea of all this being to promote the company and get more people to open accounts there, not really to explain to people about how they should make videos. And possibly, the contest itself is not even being handled by the credit union. Maybe stuff like that is handled by another company entirely.

Anyway, I made a video about food and uploaded it last night. Again, by the time that happened I was very tired, and in the morning the video doesn't seem to say what I wanted it to.

It is one thing to not do well in a competition because the others are better than you. It is something else entirely to lose because you misunderstand a rule or miss something.

I am not having a good day, but I won't get into why just yet. As for the other videos, at this point, I don't feel like making them. I am having technical difficulties that prevent me from doing the simple point and shoot things that I meant to do, and if I'm not supposed to show names of products or places, it would be a waste of time to film anything else anyway.

I don't even think I should bother with the road trip idea, even if I could do something interesting on the subject without actually taking a trip. It looks like someone else has made a video on that subject, and I'd rather not make a video that appears to copy someone else's idea, even if I did have the idea first.

I think that I will go look at the first three videos and see if I could do something different with them that doesn't show company names.

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