Wednesday, November 15, 2006

And today sucks too

My husband left a message on the machine, saying he must have missed me because I was out doing something useful.

Sure, that's right. I was out doing something useful. What else would I be out doing?

Possibly eating chips and salsa, and trying to otherwise avoid doing homework.

Well, I did attempt to do a couple of useful things. I did go and make the car payment, which I forgot to do yesterday. I took out the trash. I bought a few things.

I tried to put air in my tires. After counting out all the change and putting it in the machine, and the machine starts, and then I realize that the air hose has been removed and it only has water now. Not going to get it done that way. Never mind. It is too unpleasant outside today to be doing that sort of thing anyway.

It is wet and windy outside. Not so much actually raining at the moment, and maybe not actually cold, but just sort of miserable in general. It's about twenty-five or so degrees less than the recent perfect (and sometimes a bit too warm) fall weather. Still, for some reason, my skin itches like it is too dry outside, and I am tempted to break into some of the Bath & Body Works stuff I bought for Christmas presents. Tomorrow it should go half-way back up to what it was, and it shouldn't be as wet or as windy, so everything else that I meant to do today can probably wait til then.

I am now the proud owner of two frozen turkeys, three thaw and serve pies, and an assortment of snacks and vegetables. One of the turkeys I can probably manage if I don't really care what it looks like, and my husband will probably put the other one on the barbecue. The thaw and serve pies should be easy enough, even for me. It's the other stuff, the vegetables and the cornbread stuffing and all of that, that is a total mystery to me.

Thanksgiving is only a week away now.

Not that I actually feel any pressure to do any of this stuff actually on Thanksgiving. It would be nice, but not necessary. If it is any good, we will happily eat it the day before Thanksgiving, or on Thanksgiving, or the day after, or the week after. And if it turns out bad, we won't eat it at all, and we'll have chili or sandwiches before we eat all of these pies.

I'm sorry I missed the phone call. He sounded happy, even if he is stuck in Oklahoma without the Internet.

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