Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Feeling normal again

It is so nice to have the husband back in the bed next to me instead of Enik the Altrusian.

Well, the week before the Halloween party is always so hectic, especially if you've agreed to work at a silly job selling Halloween costumes. It takes me a few days to feel normal again. And now the husband is home from Louisiana, so that makes me feel better too.

Now I must try to deal with some of the mess before we head back to Oklahoma.

Monday we did a bit of shopping and went to dinner and watched a movie. I'll post about The Prestige later.

Tuesday we didn't do anything special for Halloween. I had an appointment to get my eyes checked, and then we had a nice lunch and more shopping.

Today there was more shopping, though most of that was by myself at after Halloween sales. Then another nice lunch, a couple of smoothies, and a little more shopping.

I'm so proud of myself. I only spent about twenty dollars at Targets, and most of that was given to me at the Halloween party.

Of course, the sales aren't over yet, so I might end up spending a bit more than that.

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