Friday, November 03, 2006

Today was nice, but also a bit of a bother

Today we had--you guessed it--a nice lunch followed by some shopping.

With all of this shopping I keep posting about, you must think I'm neck deep in shoes or something.

No, it's nothing like that at all. To tell the truth, except for groceries and the usual stuff, I've hardly bought anything. I got some after Halloween clearance stuff on Wednesday, but no where near the amount of stuff I usually buy. And I've bought a bit of yarn so that I can knit a couple of scarves while I'm away. Earlier this week I even bought a small case to carry some of the yarn and knitting stuff in when I go out of town. But really, I'm not buying that much stuff, and I've only made a few unusual purchases.

I've bought a certain pair of glasses that I've wanted for a long time. Glasses are not really a luxury item, they are a necessity, so maybe that doesn't really count as shopping. On the other hand, this particular pair is a more expensive style than I usually buy, so maybe it does count.

The other thing I've bought a lot of recently is stuff from Bath & Body Works. There was a sale back in September, so I bought some soap, and then I got a coupon. So I went back to use the coupon, and I got another coupon. So I keep getting these coupons, and I am thinking that I should buy some more stuff so that I'll have Christmas presents ready in case I forget that I need a gift for a party or something like that. And then I start thinking, why don't I just give everyone some of this stuff. I mean, really, who doesn't like this stuff. I mean, a couple of the guys aren't too crazy about it, and there's a couple of people that I'll be giving additional stuff to. But that still leaves a lot of people on my list that can be crossed off early with a trip or two to this store that I like, so as long as I've still got these coupons, why not? I might even have something left over to keep for myself.

So all of that is fine. But my husband has to go out of town a lot, and now that the silly job is done, I think I'll go with him. But I don't really like going away that often, especially since we're not going anyplace that interesting.

On Friday we get the schedule for the week after next. But today there was no schedule in the mail. So we don't know if that was because he's not working again, or because it's just late, or because they've switched to the online schedule.

Now the online schedule thing seems like a good idea, except that we can't get the thing to work. And a lot of other people can't get the thing to work. Now, my husband was one of those guys who could do a lot of stuff on the computer back when other people couldn't even type or spell computer. He's not an IBM genius or anything like that, but if you've got some computer thing that is supposed to be used by your average nobody, and he can't get it to work, THEN IT JUST ISN'T WORKING!! They really need to accept that and go back to all paper stuff until they get the thing fixed.

So I have no idea what the plan is for the week after next. I should go with him next week, but I can't go every week. Maybe there's someplace more interesting the week after next. Or maybe he's going to stay home the week after next and I don't have worry about it. But I just can't make any plans without a schedule, and the schedule is on some website that doesn't work.

So I guess I should go and pack, because we'll probably be in Oklahoma before they get it all sorted out.

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