Monday, November 13, 2006

A long week in Oklahoma

First, we went to Tulsa. Tulsa is not a bad place. But then we went east of Tulsa, and then west of Tulsa, and then even farther east of Tulsa. And it wasn't like twenty miles away so that you could just keep the same motel room in Tulsa. No, this was like ninety miles one way, and then a hundred and forty miles the other way, and then another hundred and fifty miles back the other way. So we ended up with four different motel rooms.

Now, I admit that is not the worst possible schedule. Sometimes you have to have five different motel rooms, or even six. We have even heard of people not getting a day off and having to work on Sunday, so I suppose that you might even have seven different motel rooms in a week.

Anyway, I didn't post anything last week because we couldn't get the Internet in any of those rooms.

First, the room in Tulsa said that it had free Internet access. Great, but when we borrowed the adapter it didn't work. Okay, whatever. The next room also had free Internet, but we were only going to be there one day, and with the two hour drive that morning it just didn't seem worth the effort for the tiny amount of time we'd get to use the thing. Still, I thought maybe I'd go ahead and ask for the adapter just in case he wanted it after work, but then I read that they wanted a hundred and fifty dollar deposit for the thing and decided against it. The third motel was a privately owned little thing in the middle of nowhere, and I'm not sure they've even heard of the Internet. The fourth room advertised free Internet, but when we asked the lady at the desk for the adapter she really didn't seem to even know what we were talking about.

Okay, no Internet. And most of the time we didn't do any tourist stuff. Really, he went to work, I did some knitting, and then we'd go out to eat. Again, we spent way too much doing that, but with the moving around all of the time it was hard not to eat out every meal. I really liked this one Chinese place, and there were two other Chinese places that I was really grateful for at the time, but most of it wasn't that great. We did go to Freddy's Frozen Custard on the way there, and spent too much money (I did not get the cheapest thing on the menu, and my husband got both a hamburger and a hotdog). And on the way back we found a Catfish King, which we had not been to in years.

He really did not make much money this trip. The main thing that kept the trip from being totally awful was we had a day off in Tulsa. We did some shopping when we first got there, but on Wednesday we went to the zoo. We didn't remember to eat first, so we wasted fifteen dollars on corn dogs. A lot of nice exhibits, but nothing really great. They have two sea lions, but they don't do shows after October, even on perfect days like Wednesday. We saw two giant tortoises who little baby tortoises. Not something you see everyday. And then we saw this really happy otter, who was playing with a penny, so we had to go get someone to take it away from him.

The other thing that kept the trip from being totally awful was that we paid a little extra for the last motel room to get a whirlpool suite. The first motel in Tulsa had a spa, but for some reason there just wasn't much hot water in the tub, but it was better than nothing (the second time I went to use it there was not only no hot water, but for some reason there decided to open a window and let the hot air out as well. ???) There didn't seem to be much hot water in our room either. But the last two days we had our own little whirlpool tub that we could put as much hot water as we wanted. It cost us about thirty dollars extra, but that was quite a deal for a weekend.

This next week should be a nice four days in the same place in east Texas. But I'll probably stay home. There's a lot of work around here that I should try to catch up on before the holidays.

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