Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Today Sucks

Okay, my husband just left for work. The job today is in Lawton, Oklahoma. Great.

The thing is that a.) the job for this week was supposed to be near Tyler not Lawton, and b.) on Friday he was told that he had today off. They just called about an hour ago and said that someone else had a medical emergency and the schedule had been changed.

Basically, since he was the nearest person with the day off, he got the short straw.

Not that Lawton is that far away, or we couldn't use the extra money. I just don't think that there's going to be extra money. We haven't made a lot of money in Oklahoma. So, by working five days instead of four, his base pay will go up, but his commissions might go up or down, and there's no way to know.

And after moving around so much last week, he was looking forward to just staying in one motel and having just one work location. But now that's not going to happen. He'll work today and tomorrow in Lawton, and after that we just don't know.

And with next week being Thanksgiving, they have people scheduled for Monday so that they can have off Wednesday and Thursday. And I've seen the planned schedule for next week, and with him going off to Lawton now, I wonder if he might not come home Saturday, and he might not even be able to come home Sunday. He needs to get some rest sometime.

So why didn't I go with him to Lawton?

The main reasons being a.) with such short notice he wasn't even ready to go and I definitely wasn't ready to go, and b.) I think that I'm supposed to have my picture taken Saturday, but so far I haven't been able to confirm this.

I really must get better organized. Things like this are going to happen, and I shouldn't let it get to me like this. Really, I should have had a bag already packed, just in case, so we could have talked about whether or not I should go. But instead it was like, oh, sorry, call me.

We hardly got anything done yesterday. He was just so tired (in fact, he was still pretty tired when he left this morning). So I did a few things by myself, and then afterwards we went for pizza, saw a movie, went to Whole Foods, and then ended up eating at Pancho's. That made him feel a little better. Anyway, I didn't think there's was any rush to get anything done or even to talk about anything, since he was supposed to be home today.

So I'm off to run some errands. I've decided to go and buy duplicates of a few things so that I can always have a bag packed, just in case. And while I'm out there's a yarn sale at Hobby Lobby, and there's always stuff to consider at Bath & Body Works, and I should probably go ahead and get a turkey just in case, and....

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