Friday, September 07, 2007

Bath & Body Works and other stuff

Friday we went out shopping for a bit.

Okay, I thought some of you might want one of these
Actually, three of you are in the UK, and I don't even know if there are Bath & Body Works stores in the UK. And several of you are men, so the coupon probably doesn't help you either.

Anyway, with this coupon you can get a free body butter worth $14 if you spend $15 or more on other stuff. And, right now there is also a deal where if you buy a body butter you get a free body wash. So I bought a body butter, got a free body wash, and I also bought a Halloween nail file that costs $1.50, so that brought the total to $15.50, and then I used the coupon to get another body butter for free. So that's two body butters and a body wash and a nail file for $15.50 plus tax. The regular price of all that stuff is like $38.

Next week I will probably take the coupon to the other store, only I'll probably get one body butter and two wallflowers and a trail size of 3-in-1 soap for the same $15.50.

Besides the Bath & Body Works stuff we did a bit more shopping. I got a book about knitting sweaters at Half Price Books. I've never attempted to make a sweater. Maybe if I look at the book long enough I'll be inspired to try it.

Then we went to lunch at Jason's Deli. My husband had never eaten inside the place before, but the people he works with are always going to get him sandwiches and such. He says he gives them five bucks and tells them to get whatever looks good. You can't get a sandwich from Jason's Deli for five bucks. I guess they just like him and didn't want to embarrass him by telling him he didn't have enough money. Just two specials and two sodas cost us seventeen something. I took one of the menus and put it in his car, so next time the group wants to order lunch there he'll have a clue what to order and how much money he owes.

After that I did I bit of Halloween shopping. I didn't quite find anything I was looking for, but I bought a few wig caps just in case. Someone is always going to need stuff like wig caps.

My husband bought a couple of books and what looks like a Chanel purse. I don't even look at the stuff anymore. It all pretty much looks the same to me. But he was joking around about the genuine imitation Chanel bag, and then he looked at it and decided to get it just in case it was a Chanel bag. So then we went and looked on ebay and found a similar one that's going to start at one hundred that is supposed to be worth about three hundred. Except that one was brown and this one is either black or a very dark blue with gold trim.

So that would be cool if we ended up getting a hundred dollars for some silly purse because I was looking for Halloween stuff.

Then I went home and bid on something on ebay. And it looks like I won. So I did end up getting part of my Halloween costume, I just don't have the item in my possession yet.

It was not a bad day, and my eyes didn't bother me much. This encouraged me to spend most of the rest of the day being lazy, so as not to do anything that might bother my eyes. But then I was thinking that it is time to deal with that last bit of floor in the hall. While I was waiting for the first layer of glue to dry, my brother called to invite me over to try some BBQ. The meat had too much fat on it, so it was really good.

After I came home from my brother's place, I put down the second layer of glue and then looked at stuff on the Internet while I waited for the glue to dry. And as often happens, I forgot what I was doing and what time it was and all of that. Someone sent me a link for Dr. Who music remixes. I wasted a lot of time playing around with that. So then it was getting late, and I thought that if I started working on the floor, my husband would probably get home right about the time I got finished. But if I waited another hour or two, he would be home, and I could finish the floor with him safely out of the way back here, and the floor could dry while we were sleeping.

But he came home and wanted to go to Whataburger, and by the time we got back I decided it was too late for me to finish the floor.

So now I'm waiting for the floor to dry. It doesn't look great in spots, but that's okay. It's not like the stuff looks pretty anyway.

So that's all of the carpet gone except for the living room, which I have decided to leave for now.

My left eye is killing me. It was fine when I went to bed last night, so I didn't do anything special. It was fine when I woke up after midnight and went back to sleep. It was fine when I got sick about three in the morning. At about six in the morning I woke up in terrible pain, but I managed to get back to sleep for another hour. It's not so bad now that I can't move around the house and do stuff, but it is still damned annoying.

I do not like to go to the mall and such on a Saturday with all the crowds, but I think I'm going to see a movie later anyway.


dmarks said...

Guys, don't forget that the Bath and Body Works stuff can make great gifts. I found this out last Christmas. I did not even use a coupon: they had a big sale going on.

Philip. said...

Body Butter - you ladies are certainly easy to con - LOL

Butter should only be used on hot toast!

Princess Extraordinaire said...

I'm a slave ot body butter....I was just at Bath and Body Works yesterday!