Thursday, September 27, 2007

More thoughts about eBay

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you might have noticed that I shop at Bath & Body Works a lot. I like going to sales, and I like getting a good deal, and I think that the store is a pleasant place to spend a bit of my free time. And they give away tons of coupons. So I can go in and get a couple of things that are buy one get one free, and then I usually have a coupon to get something else for free.

If you do this from time to time throughout the year, you have accumulated a lot of stuff before everyone else gets into the Christmas shopping frenzy.

Anyway, I already have more stuff than I thought, and I still have coupons left and will possibly buy more stuff. But that's okay, cause I like the stuff myself and whatever I don't end up giving to someone in December will still get used, by me.

But, still, I have a lot of stuff. Last year I bought a lot of pumpkin stuff when it was on sale. I was wondering if maybe it would be a good idea to sell some of this stuff on eBay. I looked and there were over two thousand Bath & Body Works products for sale on eBay. There's almost a hundred items that are just pumpkin scented.

A lot of it seems to be selling. It is a total mystery to me. I suppose that there are people who like shopping on eBay just as much as I like shopping at Bath & Body Works. But mostly I think that the reason people buy things on eBay is that they want to get a good price, but most of the time the added cost of the shipping makes the good price not such a good deal.

Some of it is such a good price that it is still a good deal with the added shipping costs. So then I have to wonder why the seller is pricing the stuff so low.

Anyway, I have this pumpkin stuff that I really got a good deal on last year, so I'm thinking that I'll try to sell some of it. I'm going to list about seven things, and if I could get like seven dollars profit on each, then I'd make about fifty dollars. Not bad, but nothing to get really excited about either.

On the other hand, if I did make fifty dollars or more, I could invest it in the next sale, and sell more stuff on eBay later....


dmarks said...

Go for it.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

I absolutely love Bath and Body Works. Their new fragrance " Sea Island Cotton" is my new all time favorite. I say go for selling on eBay.

Wavemancali said...

E-bay is the biggest fence operation in the history of mankind.

If you see something priced lower than the big chain stores offer it on really good sale days, it "fell off the back of a truck" at one of the big chain stores.

But on an unrelated note, I read a bunch of your archives over the last couple of days... I want to read your novel.

laughingattheslut said...

Some of my inlaws were supposed to be guarding the mall, but they decided to go dumpster diving instead. I got several Bath & Body Works bubblebath and such in snowmen containers the next Christmas.

You're not from Idaho, are you? I saw that someone from Idaho was reading old posts.

Wavemancali said...

Nope, California I thought the cali at the end of my handle gave it away :)

I was reading them in a feed reader though and I never checked to see if my feed reader was set to flow through my own internet connection or through a proxy. If it is through the creator's proxy, maybe my feed reader was made in Idaho.