Friday, September 21, 2007

I've slipped into some alternate universe

I've just learned that the State Fair of Texas is opening a new skyride. The old one closed almost thirty years ago after a fatal accident. The new one is bigger and better and run by computer and can take people in wheelchairs, etc.... Anyway, it's supposed to be safer.

So I was wondering how much safer it was. I could see that the design was a lot different, but I wasn't sure that it was actually designed so that some idiot couldn't cause another accident. Or maybe the cars were all maned with armed guards who would shoot anyone who didn't behave themselves.

See, the way I remember it, the accident was caused by some guys who deliberated caused one of the cars to hit one of the supports and stop the ride. So that car stopped, but the cars behind it kept coming. So a second car hits the first car that stopped, and the a third car hit the first two, and then a fourth car hit the other three. Only the cable isn't supposed to hold four cars in one place, so the cable snapped and the cars fell.

I've sat here at the computer and read about ten stories about the new ride and the 1979 accident. And none of the stories mention anything about idiot guys causing the accident by rocking the car back and forth. Most list the cause of the accident as high winds, though some stories also mention ride defects and operators being at fault.

Maybe I grew up in some alternate universe where the skyride accident was caused by a couple of idiots who thought it would be cool to rock the car until it hit one of the supports and caused the ride to stop. Then somehow I crossed into a different dimension where these idiots decided not to ride the skyride that day, but the ride had a similar accident right after that due to high winds and/or ride defects and operator error. So maybe if I could find Jerry O'Connell's timer from Sliders, or one of Jack Finney's Woodrow Wilson dimes I could get back where I came from. Maybe in the other dimension the Homewrecking-Slut stayed out of my life, or maybe I married someone else or won the lottery.

In that other dimension, I'm probably not wasting so much time writing these blogs.

Does no one else remember that a couple of stupid passengers caused the accident?


NeoAuteur said...

Blame it on nature. That's a good excuse.

Purple Pigeon said...

what are they trying to do, pretend that no one was daft enough to let some retards on the ride? Fools.

They should have released a statement saying ''It was kinda their own fault, so when they died they deserve everything they got''

it would make the matter clearer.

Might not have been very sympathetic to the grieving families though.