Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Morons--Mail Fraud

This morning my left eye is bothering me again, which is annoying because it hasn't bothered me much this week and I thought that whatever it was might be gone now. It was just the slightest bit of a bother on Friday, which I probably wouldn't have noticed at all if not for the really bad timing. Still, I hadn't woke up in the middle of the night with the terrible pain in my left eye since maybe last Sunday or Monday, so I thought it was going away. Wrong.

I am still thinking now that it has more to do with the hot weather than anything else, and it still might go away when it gets cooler. It did rain a bit last week, so it wasn't as hot as it has been.

Anyway, last week I got some mail. Mostly bills and the usually junk mail. And I got something from someone in Gainesville, Florida. It looked like a personal letter, but I don't really remember anyone from Gainesville, Florida.
So I open the envelope, and it's a pyramid scheme. Not even an ad trying to sell you something that then later turns out to mostly be a pyramid scheme, but a flat out send someone some money and then try to get some other sucker to send you money.

I think maybe I'd gotten a few similar things before, but I really hadn't read the whole thing before. I just saw that it was an ad for something and then tossed it. But I actually read the thing this time, and it is a chain letter. And it tells you to send people money and then copy the letter and try to get other people to send you money. And there's a copy of a money order at the bottom of the letter, showing that he paid someone else some money.

And then it tells you to make a note "Enclose is $15.00 for your shipping and handling," and that this request for a product keeps everything legal. I still see nothing about an actual product, so it still doesn't seem even remotely legal.

But even if it was legal, why in this day would anyone try this? And how did I get on a list of people who might be dumb enough to try this?

The other sheet of paper in the envelope offers to sell me the secret mailing list of people who are going to fall for this stuff. I didn't even read the whole page. Whatever.

One more thing. Prison Break is on tonight. Not that it's relevant to the rest of the post, I just thought that I'm mention it since most everything else doesn't return til next week and I almost forgot about it myself. And Survivor: China starts Thursday, if you're still into that.


The Diva's Thoughts said...

I receive letters like that from time to time. I just chuckle and pitch it in the nearest trash can.

dmarks said...

I really hate the ones that look "official".

Thanks for the reminder on Prison Break. Am looking forward to this show. I've started to try to check again, but last night the whole site was down.

ElRanito said...

Oh man... I can't believe you didn't buy the secret list! I bet it was a great deal. :-p