Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Morons--The Handicapped Sign

I don't have much in the way of morons to write about today. Over the weekend I already wrote about the skyride accident, so that was really enough about morons for now. I hope that everyone got a chance to read the last post.

Anyway, yesterday we were getting hamburgers at Chaps. I'm not into hamburgers so much as some people, but Chaps does make a good hamburger. Unfortunately, the good hamburgers with the grilled onions and such are a bit messy. So when we were getting ready to leave I went to the ladies room to wash up.

So on the door to the ladies room was the handicapped access sign. It's the blue and white sign with the stick-figure pictured sitting in a wheelchair, much the same as the handicapped parking sign outside that keeps most of us from parking in the spot right next to the door. Except for when the handicapped parking sign is in a place that I don't expect to find it, I tend to not even notice the things. But I noticed this one, maybe because I know that some of my readers either have to be in wheelchairs themselves or have to deal with them because a close friend or family member has to use them.

So there is this sign on the door of the ladies room, but there's not a similar sign on the door of the mens room.

Does that mean that the ladies room is fit for use by people in wheelchairs, but the mens room is not? Or does it just mean that they are both fit for use by people in wheelchairs, but there is only a sign on the ladies room? I suppose that the sign on the mens room could have fallen off, but if that's the case it fell off several months ago and they still haven't fixed it. I don't go to the place that often, but now that I think about it I noticed this last time we were there.

I'm a grown woman and after a number of years of going to restaurants and such I have finally gotten over the fear of asking strangers to direct me to the ladies room. I still don't like it too much. I don't like having to ask about such things and I don't like places that seem to have the restrooms hidden someplace. Worse yet are the trendy places that will have the whole waitstaff sing or cheer while they all escort you to the place in question. Chaps is not one of those places, but I have been to a few of them. And, if we get a really big group from the club together, sometimes they will all decide to sing "We know where you're going" if you try to discreetly leave the table.

So how would it be if you were a man in a wheelchair and you had to use the restroom at this place. Possibly you have already had to ask someone where the mens room was, and then after you find it you see that there's a handicapped access sign on the ladies room door and not on the mens room door. So now you have to ask someone if you are really supposed to use the ladies room or if the mens room just isn't properly marked.

Not that it would really be a problem for anyone if the gentleman in question did use the ladies room. Chaps is a small place, and their restrooms are not very big. The ladies room doesn't have multiple stalls, and it's the kind for only one person that you lock the door behind you. And the gentleman is not going to catch our estrogen, and we will not catch his testosterone after he leaves. It's just that it's embarrassing to have to use the facilities that are marked for use by the opposite sex.

So I don't know. I don't know if the sign for the mens room fell off the door and they are just too lazy to fix it, or if they couldn't afford to pay for an extra couple of support rails to be placed in the mens room, or if the bit of extra equipment in the mens room made it too crowded for people with wheelchairs or what.

It just struck me as odd, and I wondered if it would upset their customers with wheelchairs.


Princess Extraordinaire said...

Restroom bother me too...I was in a car wach/mini mart restroom and had to go so badly I went int hte other restroom that said men thinking it was unisex like the womens...I realized it had a urinal but otherwise it was fine..thank goodness for men that don't have to go very long..

David in DC said...

Every time I see a sign that says "handicapped parking", my first thought is that the space must be reserved for people who can't park very well.

Of course, when I see a sign on a table or on a row of chairs that says "reserved", I assume the seats are for very shy people.

My speaking these thoughts aloud may well be why I get so much eye-rolling from my dear ones.

laughingattheslut said...

I can't park very well. That's why I don't usually park right up front near a building unless I have to unload something. I'm less likely to hit something if I park a few rows back. Of course, if I have to parallel park I can't park around any other cars at all, so I often have to give up and go someplace else.

And I've been told by the bloggers in England that over there they hate the "H" word. Maybe they don't want to be confused with people who play golf.

dmarks said...

The "H" word has also fallen out of favor on this side of the pond, when it comes to referring to people. However, I'd not noticed anyone having a problem with it when "Handicapped" is used to describe the parking & bathroom designations.

The term used for people most often appears to be "disabled", but some in the disability community have a problem with that word too.

I'm quite familiar with the parking spots, and have to use them often. UPS trucks often do not
believe the law applies to them. Policeman sometimes think they are above the law too, as is some lady (often enough) in a station wagon who thinks that she can use the handicapped spot any time she wants only if she is going to be there for a few minutes.

Which leaves us with our wheelchair van doing some double parking.

David in DC said...

I've heard "differently abled".

It sounds about as mellifluous to me as "personhole covers".

Dame Honoria Glossop said...

Lavatories & parking spaces for disabled people over here are officially designated as accessible . I always think a disabled toilet is one where someone stole the flush handle or something. The wheelie symbol is used to indicate accessibility, not just for people in wheelchars.

laughingattheslut said...

Oh, yes. Someone always disables one of the toilets at wherever it is that the club is supposed to meet. Or at least it seems that way.

Anyway, it looks like the accessible parking spaces would be in different places, depending on why you need the space. If you've recently broken your leg or had some injury that doesn't require a wheelchair but you don't want to have to walk very far, then you'd want the space closest to the door. But if you have to get a wheelchair or lark or something out of the car, it would probably be better over a bit to the side so you can get out your wheelchair and such without people trying to run you over and stuff.

Anyway, this other hamburger place recently moved the marked spots over quite a bit, and I noticed it because it was farther from the door than I was used to seeing. But then it made more sense because the ramp wasn't right in front of the door where the old spaces were.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

I bet the sign just fell off of the Mens door. They better be wheelchair accessible in the men's room. I would hate to think they are not.

Purple Pigeon said...

Its the same where i live. Disabled people are always lumped together into the Ladies toilets, as are children and baby changing. What the f?? Are men so important that they cannot possibly have these things clogging up their toilets (pardon the expression)? Is it like Mens loos and Second Class Citizens (Including Women, Disabled and Children) loos.

Like you said, what about disabled men, or single dads? Tis daft.

Anonymous said...

I am getting some wheels and rolling on into the chap's laddies room. woo hoo

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