Friday, September 21, 2007

Freaky Friday

Well, in addition to the Google search stuff, the tracker occasional tells me that someone has found my blog through the next blog button. And a lot of times someone has come to check out my blog after I have left a comment on someone else's blog. So maybe I have left a smart a** comment for the hairy nurse, and one of his other readers stops by. But those people are just directed to whatever the current post happens to be, and the newbie gets to read about ceramics or how I don't feel well or why I don't have a job or whatever. So the newbie probably doesn't come back. It's too bad that they can't be taken straight to the sex list or bimbo bashing or Monday Morons or whatever would really interest that person.

Enough about that. On with the Google searches.

Someone was looking for Jimmy Dips this week. And they were looking for the right one, cause they typed in jimmy dips chinese. Too bad the place closed.

We have three people looking for the Marie Callendar's Semi-Annual Pie Sale. This week one of those people wanted to find the pies in Dubai. Do they have Marie Callendar pies in Dubai? I have no idea.

Someone in the Netherlands is looking for "insidious truth." I wonder if this is what he was looking for.

Someone Googled quest all cell phones. Maybe that's part of an adventure game? I don't have a clue.

Someone is looking for concrete work in the Kansas City area.

Someone was wanting to know do Mormons believe Baptists are going to hell. Since I'm not a Mormon, I can't really answer that one. And I can't really speak for all Baptists either, but I would think that a lot of them believe Mormons are going to hell. Someone else Googled religions that think everyone else is going to hell. I would think that Baptists are on the list of religions that think everyone else is going to hell, but I would think that it would be a pretty long list. But again, I can't really speak for everyone.

Someone in England was looking for a "solar shield" spaceship. I'd like one of those too. The reader was directed to my post about the movie Sunshine, so I hope that's what he was looking for.

Someone Googled "when everyone seems to want to take money from you." Well, I can't argue with that really, but the reader was directed to my post about limiting everyone to having custody of one child. So I don't think that's what he was looking for. I still have not remembered the name of the book I was talking about, or the author.

Here we have someone looking for a penis. But he was in fact looking for the Tricky Dick Penis, so he at least found a post about the costume in question.

We have the usual diet drink stuff, some looking for Underwood's barbecue, and someone else looking for a copy of soloflex infomercial.

Someone from Arlington was looking for Olenjacks Restaurant. I went there a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I hope the post was helpful.

Someone wanted Burger King ren faire coupons. Unfortunately this reader was directed to my post about 9-11.

Someone Googled how to take care of a teen you have custody over. While it made more sense that this reader was also directed to my post about only having custody of one child, this probably wasn't very helpful.

My last visitor of the week Googled Dallas Superbowl 2011. I think I will be civil this morning and not say anything about football. Let's just say that the reader was directed to a Monday Moron's post.

Okay, here's the count for this week:

Giant Penis--1

Diet Drinks--3

People going to hell--2

Homewrecking sluts--0

Rudy's BBQ--0



And the top twelve keywords are: going the hell rudy's bbq how calories giant for costume penis truth

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