Friday, September 28, 2007

Freaky Friday

Well, last week I was saying that it was too bad that people who read the hairy nurse's blog couldn't be automatically directed to something that they would find more interesting, like maybe the sex list or Monday Morons or the bimbo bashing stuff. So this week someone from Idaho followed me over after I made some smart a** remark about Mexicans and crackers, and somehow this person ended up reading the current post plus the false alarm post and why I am not exactly fat and the post about it being a good thing that I did not run into Mr. Friendly. Not sure how this person even found those posts, so I tried to find this person to ask. I didn't find anyone from Idaho, but I did find another blog to read while I was looking. So that turned out okay.

I got some pretty good news today. Not anything to get really excited about, but it looks like I'll get to go someplace in a week or so. But I think that I'll save that for maybe Tuesday.

And now a bit about Google searches.

This week there were three people wanting to know about Olenjacks Grill. I rather liked the place, but that's just my opinion.

Someone was specifically looking for this blog. That's always odd. If you don't follow me over from someone else's blog, how do you find me? And it seems like this person was in another country, but I don't remember which one, other than it wasn't Canada or England or someplace I already have readers.

We have yet another person looking for the soloflex infomercial, which I do not have, nor have I made any comments about it. And we have the usual searches for diet drinks, and a couple of people looking for the Marie Callender Semi-Annual Pie Sale. I might actually know something about that in a few weeks, but right now there is only this post about going there last year. Someone was searching for "everyone is going to hell." Someone was looking for Sluts R Us, and someone else was looking for the Sluts R Us store. And this week someone wanted plans for tricky dick penis costume.

Someone Googled nude photograph covered in mud or clay and a violin. I have had a bit to say about the woman with the violin up her a**, though I don't remember mud or clay being in the story. I have plenty of mud and clay elsewhere, including strange places in my house, but not in that particular post.

Someone Googled "wedging table." That's a plaster table covered with canvas, and you knead your clay on it before you make something from the clay. I don't have one at the moment. I probably should get one.

Someone Googled bath and bodyworks art stuff. So far as I know, the two are not related. But the person must have liked whatever he read, cause he Googled the same thing and came back about an hour later.

An AOL Search of a dream calling sick lead someone here.

Someone Googled working weird hours compensation. I think that person was lead here or maybe to the same post as above.

Someone was lead to this post, after Googling skyride accident photos. That post doesn't have photos. Most of my posts don't. Right now they're just a bit of a hassle and I don't need them most of the time. But since I had also Googled the skyride accident at the Texas State fair earlier, I didn't understand why that person didn't find the sought after photo before he got to my post. So I went to look, cause there was a really great photo of one of the cars falling, and it looked like the photographer was in danger of getting squished. But that photo must have been on the second or third story that I read that day, but when I went back to look for it, it had been removed. Weird.

Okay, here's the count for this week:

Giant Penis--1

Diet Drinks--3

People going to hell--1

Homewrecking Sluts--0

Rudy's BBQ--0



Olenjacks Grill--3

Sluts R Us--2

And the top twelve keywords are: going the hell rudys bbq for diet costume how calories penis giant

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