Friday, September 14, 2007

Freaky Friday

Well, it looks like mostly more of the same this week.

There are people looking for stuff about diet drinks and people looking for Rudy's BBQ. The same person was so entertained by the diet drink review that he read it again three hours later. Good to know.

We have queries about going to hell this week, though this time they are phrased different. Someone wants to know why everyone is going to hell, and someone else was looking for Christians going to hell. But the most interesting search in this category is for a "book about woman dying, meeting jesus, and going to hell with him."

Two people were looking for a homewrecking-slut. Interestingly enough, both of those people were from England. I wonder if they were looking for her in particular. They should have emailed me. I have her number around here someplace.

Someone was looking for Army green yarn. I'm still looking for that myself.

Someone else would like Neville to come out. Be patient. He's not coming out til December.

Someone was looking for the International Wildlife Park. I worked there for a year, and it's been closed since the early nineties.

Here we have two searches: if I were to take over the world, and when I take over the world. I'm going to get around to that myself one of these days.

Someone was searching for bath. Someone else was searching for Bath & Body Works. I hope that they found this coupon helpful. And here is the new one.

Someone Googled TX COPPER THEFT HOME DEPOT. That reminds me, if you are looking for copper wire, say for an art project, it is in hardware. You would think that all of the wire would be together in one spot, say in electrical, but it's not. And the guy in electrical doesn't seem to know that there is wire in other parts of the store. And if you want anything other than 18 gauge copper wire, you are probably out of luck unless you want to strip the wire in electrical.

Someone Googled "truth about an idea or something you've done." Whoever it was must have liked whatever he found, cause that same person returned the next day after the same Google search.

Then we had people looking for the Big Pie Sale in October 2007 at Marie Calendars, and "food factory tour" Atlanta.

Someone Googled sluts r us. There's a store I refer to as Sluts R Us. It isn't really called that, but I can't ever seem to remember it's real name, and Sluts R Us is more accurate anyway.

Someone wanted to know the truth about morons. Well, there's plenty of that here, but there are so many morons to choose from. So what particular kind of morons do you wish to know about?

Okay, here's the count for this week:

Giant Penis--1

Diet Drinks--7

People going to hell--3


Rudy's BBQ--4


And the top twelve keywords are: going the hell rudy's bbq giant costume for diet how penis truth

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