Thursday, October 12, 2006

Almost definitely going to Kansas

Okay, so I had pretty much decided that I was not going to Kansas until a couple of things happened.

First, I got this email from my husband saying how much he was looking forward to us going to Kansas together. Isn't he sweet.

Second, we found out he'll be going out of town again the week after next. That will make four weeks in a row. That means if I don't go, I'll hardly see him for most of a month. Really, the weekend before last was just wonderful, but I can count the times that I've seen him since or that I'll get to see him before he leaves.
Sunday, we had lunch and a little time afterwards, but not much because I had that silly meeting at work. Monday, we had breakfast together before he went out of town again. Last night when he came in I was already asleep, but we had breakfast this morning before he went out of town again. He'll be back late on Saturday, and we'll hardly see each other on Sunday because of the silly job and previous engagements. If I don't go to Kansas we'll probably have Monday together, but then we won't see each other again until late Sunday. We might have most of the next Monday together, or we might not, depending on the schedule. And then we won't see each other again until late Saturday, and then we won't have much time together on Sunday because of the silly job. We'll probably have Monday together, and after that I have no idea. That's it. I can count on my fingers the time that my husband will be in town for the rest of the month, and most of that time I'll be busy with something else.

So I'm almost definitely going to Kansas.

Only since I've found that out, I haven't seen the store manager to tell her that. I was off Monday, she was off Tuesday, I was off Wednesday, she was off today, and I'll be off tomorrow. I called yesterday, but she was in the middle of something, and I don't think she really understood what I said. I left her a note today, but I'm not even sure that she'll get it. Some other people have had problems like that recently. I guy came in today and worked an hour and a half and then had to leave because he was scheduled to work at the same time that he had to be at his regular job. People have been scheduled to work when they have to be in school, and that sort of thing. We get more and more new people, and it gets complicated, and you don't even remember who is who or what that guy's name is or anything.

It's not all bad at work. Today, one of the assistant manager came and said thank you to me before she went home. And I said, sure, you're welcome, or something like that, and she left. Only now I'm trying to remember what she was thanking me for. I don't usually work with this woman, so for all I know she makes a point of saying that to everyone. But that's usually the sort of thing a manager does after you've done something especially good, or something that's not usually part of the job, or after you've had your break cut short, or after you've had to deal with a really difficult customer. Only I don't remember any difficult customers, and I don't remember doing anything special, and my break wasn't cut short. It was just a normal boring day. I spent most of the day restocking. I have no idea what she was thanking me for. I wonder if she had me confused with someone else.

Anyway, I'm probably going to quit the job on Sunday. If I go to Kansas I'll miss four shifts that they probably can't cover, but if I quit they can hire someone else. And there is this sign up next to the schedule that says were aren't allowed to ask off next weekend or the weekend after that or the three days after that. I have another idea, but I don't think it will work out.

The good news is that I'm finally making some progress with the Halloween costume.

Of course, if I go to Kansas, I'll hardly have any time to finish it.

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