Monday, October 16, 2006

I might not post for a week or so

Well, in a few hours we'll be on our way to Kansas. And I don't think I'll have Internet access, so I probably won't post anything for a while.

My husband is really looking forward to going. And I would have been just jumping up and down happy to go, last week or the week before that. But we're not quite going at the right time for some stuff, and we're not quite going to the right area for some other stuff, so I don't know if this will be such a big deal this time or not. Still, after a month at the silly job and not getting to spend time with my husband, I guess I'm looking forward to going anywhere for a few days.

It is raining outside. I know we need the rain and all of that, but I just don't care for it right at this moment. I just picture it raining during our whole trip, which is silly. There's no reason to suppose it will still be raining hundreds of miles away. But I always think that it is colder and wetter the farther north you go, so if I'm getting wet here I keep imagining I'll be wet and cold and miserable in Kansas. I meant to watch the news last night and pay attention to the weather, but I didn't. I went out with some friends and then after that I thought I'd make one more trip to Walmart to get something for the costume, and then I totally forgot to watch the news when I came home.

Never mind, I'll find out soon enough.

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