Sunday, October 15, 2006

One of those idiots waving signs

Well, yesterday I was one of those sign waving idiots. The competing store down the street had people out waving signs and directing people to their store and away from ours. That really ticked off our manager, who decided that we would have better people waving signs to advertise our store. So that lucky person who got to put on a witch costume and go to the curb and wave at the cars turned out to be me.

I did that for three hours yesterday. And since I didn't know that would be my job I didn't bring a radio or anything, so it was just extremely boring.

I was just so glad when it started to rain a bit, and I got to go back inside.

The good news is that the manager didn't seem at all upset about me going out of town this week, and I should still have the silly job when I get back. I wasn't really worried about losing the job, I just didn't want anyone mad at me if it left them short handed. But, she was already planning to hire a couple more people anyway, and now that that's done everything is okay.

Sad note--the assistant manager's sister died today. She's very upset, and she'll have to go home and help plan a funeral and all of that. She probably won't feel up to working for at least a week, and since the store will only be open another seventeen days she'll probably be replaced. Which means that when I come back they'll probably either be a new assistant manager who can't even spell Halloween, or they might promote someone that I don't particularly care for. Hopefully, they will promote the shift manager who made a point of thanking me the other day, and that should work out okay for everyone.

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