Wednesday, October 04, 2006

There was a lot of nonsense at work this week

First, I have a light schedule at work, which is just fine because I just took this job as a distraction. There is no way that I am going to get rich at this job. This is just an excuse to get out of the house for a while. An excuse to get out of the house that comes with a tiny paycheck, an employee discount, and free haunted house tickets.

Then, yesterday, about twenty minutes before I'm out the door and heading to work, someone calls and says I've been taken off the schedule until Friday because the store didn't have good sales over the weekend.

My first thought is to get mad and wonder why I'm the one who is taken off of the schedule. I'm glad I didn't say anything like that, because my second thought was more like that works out better anyway. My husband just made all this money on Saturday, and I'd just said something like my time would be better spent doing housework and working on the costume this week. I'd just been wishing that I didn't have to work this week, and for the most part I was now told I didn't have to work this week except for Friday. Great. Wonderful. I can relax now.

So did I make good use of my valuable time?

Of course not.

Since I thought I had almost the whole week off, I sat back and watched some TV, and fell asleep. I went to the store to buy some bread and a couple of other things that I just had to have, and when I got back home there was a message on the machine.

Could I please work a few hours the next day?

So that was weird. For a couple of hours I just said, nope, not even going to call them back. They'll find somebody else. I feel more relaxed now than I felt for about a month, and I don't need to ruin it to go work a few more hours.

A little later I decided to quit being a baby about it and call them. They probably already got someone else to do it. I'll just call to make sure.

No, they didn't get someone else. In all the confusion about changing the schedule, they accidentally scheduled someone when they had to be at some school thing. Could I come in?


So today I get there, and someone tells me not to clock in because the schedule has been changed. Anyway, whoever put me back on the schedule yesterday forgot to write down that it was officially changed and I just about left before they decided I was actually supposed to be there.

Tomorrow, I am going to work on the Halloween costume. I don't care who has to go to school, or what kind of sales the store had, or who got sick, or any of that other stuff. Tomorrow, I am staying home. Period. The end.

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