Saturday, October 14, 2006

Mead Manor haunted house, Mansfield, Texas

Okay, not the best I've ever been to, but they were nice enough to let me in.

First, I guess I got there a bit early, and they did not yet have the anybody directing traffic. Not that there was traffic yet, just me and one other car, but I still needed to know where to park and such. I don't like the way the park was set up, but I'm not going to complain about it since I have been to places that make you park somewhere across the street where you are afraid you'll be towed, or they charge you extra money that they did not bother to mention in their advertisements.

Next, I wandered around a bit before someone recognized that I was a customer and not one of them, and then someone directed me to a ticket booth. They gave me a ticket with the name of my company written on it and told me it would be about fifteen minutes before they got started.

After that I met a nice man named Doug, who again thought that I worked at one of the houses. His house is called The Haunted Tomb of Anubis, or something like that. From the outside it looks like someone started to build a pyramid but then got tired and didn't finish the top three-fourths of it. It is a very small house, and I think that it only had two people in it. One of them is Anubis, and the other is a more common type of creature with a hooded robe and a skull face. One of the props inside is an impressive looking revolving pillar, inspired by on of the Hellraiser movies.

Despite the high quality props and costumes of that house, I think I preferred the Nightmare at the House of Wax. I can't say that there was really anything special about it (other than some more nice people who work there), but one thing that I did appreciate was the tour guide. The tour guide didn't really do anything, but I do like having one to make sure we are in the right place at the right time and the other people in the house know when we are coming and all of that. I am quite the blind bat, and I did get turned around once, and the girl was nice enough to stop and ask everyone to wait for me. No Anubis or anything like that, just the usual people with chainsaws and such.

Mead Manor itself was a bit bigger than either of the first two, but again it was just the usual stuff and people with chainsaws. But this one did not have a tour guide, and there were several groups in the house at once, and as often happens without guides, a group behind our caught up to us. This particular group was made up of annoying teenage girls who kept running into me and pushing me. I'm sorry, but it's bad enough grabbing the people you came with, but grabbing people you don't know in another group is totally unacceptable. And if you're really that scared, stay home with mommy or go to one of those kid-friendly lights on things and let the rest of us try to enjoy the show without being beat on, okay?

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