Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fruit salad spilled on a Christmas tree

Yesterday was another lovely day of shopping.

Now, I do not consider myself one of those women who just really loves trying on clothes and all of that. And I don't spend hours at the mall anymore. I spend so little of my money there, except maybe around Christmas, so I just don't bother with it anymore. I just wanted to live there when I was a teenager, but I grew out of that. If I'm going after something in particular, and it happens to be at the mall, fine. But I usually don't bother just wandering around the place looking at things, just in case I might want to buy something.

But we went to the mall yesterday, and the funny thing was that it was my husband's suggestion, and he usually has less use for the mall than I do.

It was nice. It was like, we'd already been to lunch and done all the stuff we'd planned to do and bought all the stuff we were supposed to buy, but he just wasn't ready for our day to be over. So instead of going home we went to the mall, bought a couple of smoothies, and walked around the mall for a couple of hours. It was like being on a date.

We went to Victoria's Secret, looked at a couple of bras, shook our heads and left. Victoria's Secret bras are now $42 and $48, so even with a $10 off coupon I think that is still too much. So we went to Hot Topic and looked around. It must be one of Murphy's Laws, that whenever I have money there is nothing cool at Hot Topic or Torrid. (Well, maybe that's not entirely true. With the recent weight-loss I didn't even bother looking at Torrid, so I really can't say if there was anything cool there or not. And the stuff I usually look at in Hot Topic probably had to be moved to make room for the Halloween costumes, so I can't really argue with that.) Anyway, we walked around a bit, bought some vitamins, ended up back at Victoria's Secret, and still decided not to buy the over-priced bra I wanted.

Very near the Victoria's Secret is White Barn Candle and Bath And Body Works. Now if you live under a rock and don't know what Bath And Body Works is, it's this place that sells soap and hand lotion and that sort of thing. Most of the stuff smells really awesome. So you try some orange peel scented lotion, and then spearmint/eucalyptus one, and the a strawberry-banana one, and since it's October there is a pumpkin pie flavor, and Christmas is coming so there is an evergreen scented thing. In a very short time both of your arms are covered with little dots of various scented lotions, and you end up smelling like a fruit salad spilled on a Christmas tree.

I left Bath and Body Works with a small bag of stuff that cost me $27, and two coupons that ensure I'll be back again before the month is up.

And of course, since we stayed out so long, we then had to go to dinner. Nothing special like lunch, but it was still nice to be out together. Then home to watch Prison-break and Heroes.

This morning was nice too, but I won't go into that.

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